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What is an AP 2019-20 interim account? – AP Students

An AP 2019-20 interim account is for AP students who have a College Board account they cannot access (they can’t retrieve their password or email address, for example). This temporary account allows students to enroll in their AP classes online and take advantage of AP Classroom and other new...

The AP course I want to take isn’t offered at my school. What should I do? – AP Students

Talk to your counselor about taking the course through an authorized online provider.

The AP Exam I want to take isn’t offered at my school. What should I do? – AP Students

Talk to your counselor or your school’s AP coordinator. Schools have different ways to address this issue.

Can I register for an AP Exam if my school doesn’t offer AP classes or administer AP Exams? – AP Students – College Board

Yes. You can’t order AP Exams directly, but you should be able to register to take exams at a nearby high school that administers AP Exams.

Can I sign up for an AP Exam if I don’t live in the United States? – AP Students

If your school doesn’t offer AP Exams, you can contact AP Services for Students to find an alternate school for testing or take the exams at a local AP test center.

Can anyone take AP? – AP Students

The AP Program believes that all motivated and academically prepared students should be able to enroll in AP courses.

Can I sign up to retake an AP Exam? – AP Students

AP Exams are only given once a year, but you may repeat an exam in a subsequent year.

Can I take the AP Exam if I haven’t taken an AP course? – AP Students

Yes. We recommend taking the AP course before taking an AP Exam—but it’s not required.

Do AP courses have prerequisites? – AP Students

Some AP classes have recommended courses you should take first. Your high school may also have requirements for specific AP courses.

Do colleges look at AP Exam scores when deciding whether to admit an applicant? – AP Students

Check the admission websites of the colleges that interest you to see if sending your official scores will help support your application. In general, colleges want to see that you are taking the most rigorous course work available to you. By enrolling in AP courses you demonstrate that you are...

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