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Welcome to Pre-AP – The College Board

Pre-AP offers instructional resources and classroom-based assessments to schools interested in earning an official Pre-AP designation from the College Board.

Sign In - The College Board

Log in portal for for students and professionals.

How do I sign in to my account? — Account Help — College Board

See answers to questions about creating, signing in to, and using a College Board account.

About | Pre-AP – The College Board

Start here to understand the program and its benefits.

Current Pre-AP Schools | Pre-AP

Over 100 schools have been chosen as the first to offer Pre-AP courses beginning in Fall 2018. They were selected in part for their commitment to providing all of their students with access to challenging coursework.

How It Works | Pre-AP – The College Board

Find out what resources schools get and how they earn the Pre-AP designation.

Overview | Pre-AP – The College Board

Learn about the program, its goals, and how it can benefit your students.

Pricing | Pre-AP – The College Board

See information on Pre-AP fees and discounts and calculate what your school will pay.

Timeline | Pre-AP – The College Board

The Pre-AP program launches in fall 2018. See application deadlines and more.

Course-Teacher-Institutes | Pre-AP

New Pre-AP teachers can attend an official Pre-AP Course Teacher Institute, a four-day collaborative experience that empowers participants to begin to prepare and plan for their Pre-AP course. Teachers explore course materials and experience model lessons from the student’s point of view. They...

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